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Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


1150 Cyrville Road, Ottawa ON

Close proximity to Highway 417 & St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Well-appointed professional offices.


6,669 sq. ft.

Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


150 Isabella Street, Ottawa ON

Located minutes from the downtown core with excellent access from the Queensway and Highway 417. Close to shops, restaurants, banks, and services along Bank Street


3,190 sq. ft.

Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


2713 Lancaster Road Ottawa ON

Easy access to Highway 417 via Walkley Road. Restaurants, banks, and plenty of shopping, minutes away on St. Laurent Blvd. Nicely landscaped providing excellent curb appeal


5,648 sq. ft.

Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


869 Belfast Road, Ottawa ON

Located in a heavy industrial zone across the street from Train Yards Shopping Centre. A mix of warehouse and office space, ideal for a wide range of companies, from manufacturing to retail e-commerce


31,128 sq. ft.

Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


305-90 George Street, Ottawa ON

Suite 304-305: 2 open workspaces, spacious boardrooms and one medium-sized meeting room, privacy pod/focus room, 2 in-suite kitchenettes (Ideal for C19 protocols and distancing)


5,913 sq. ft.

Cresa Ottawa Commercial Office Space For Lease - 57 Auriga Drive


370 Churchill Avenue N, Ottawa ON

Located in the heart of Westboro, one of Ottawa's most sought-after neighborhoods. 4 enclosed offices with a spacious open area (ideal for C19 protocols and distancing)


1,150 sq. ft.

Frequently asked questions

What are the difference between useable and rentable sq. ft?

Knowing the difference between usable square feet and rentable square feet can mean all the difference in evaluating the best deal on a commercial lease. Office space is generally listed with a rentable square footage rate, which includes more square feet than the actual space the tenant will occupy. So how can a company know what it is paying for, and get great space for the best price? Useable sq. ft Usable square feet includes the specific area the tenant will occupy in order to do business. For a partial-floor lease, this includes all office space plus any storage or private restrooms. There are no exclusions for columns, recessed entries, or the like; however, column space is fair game in the calculation of total usable square feet. Rentable sq. ft A commercial office building is not made up of private offices and cubicles alone. Rentable office space, such as corridors, lobbies, restrooms, and so forth, means the usable square feet of the office space plus a pro-rata share of building common areas. Pro-rata means that tenants pay for these common areas in proportion to the amount of space they lease in the building.

What are the difference between a tenant rep broker and a traditional broker?

A tenant-only broker serves an important role as an advocate for occupiers throughout the leasing process. Instead of navigating the relationship with a landlord on your own, a tenant-only broker is a necessary liaison to protect your interests as you secure a new space or determine whether to renew your current one. They’ll assist you as you assess your needs, and determine the next steps in your process. An Unbiased Opinion There’s an inherent conflict of interest that exists for advisors who represent both tenants and landlords. Now, that conflict is magnified. A tenant-only advisor who is able to leverage multiple landlords against one another and maintain their client’s confidential desired outcome is able to deliver the best results. Full-service firms who promise their landlord clients the highest possible rents and their tenant clients the lowest possible rents will be in a tough position to deliver on both. With most firms having millions of square feet of listings in Ottawa, it’s important to gauge where allegiances may lie at the end of the day. That's why receiving unbiased advice from a source you trust is so vital. The Importance of Confidentiality Tenants may know their desired outcome before they kick off a project; however, keeping that plan private is critical to maintaining negotiation leverage. A tenant-only advisor avoids being in a position of jeopardizing its client’s confidentiality because he or she has no landlord clients. With no current or future business in the form of listings, tenant-only advisors can more efficiently leverage the market and create true competition for its tenancy without trying to tread softly in negotiations with landlords.

How much office space do I really need?

The answer to this question is far from obvious, especially in this post-pandemic era. If you’re a company expecting to grow, you might want to not only do projections on headcount but also take all the safety measurements into account so that you look for the right amount of office space. One thing for sure is that: increasing the square-footage per employee will become imperative in a reversal of the densification trend. Companies have been squeezing more and more people onto floorplates for a long time, with a typical rule of thumb of allocating 100-110 square feet per person. For offices to reopen safely and maintain physical distancing, ratios will have to rise again, with shifts, staggered start times and continued remote working essential. Marc Spector of Spectorgroup, a global architecture and master planning firm, predicts that it will move more toward the investment banking model of seating which is closer to more than 200 square feet per person. For a more granular analysis, consider using our office space calculator or contact one of our advisors to see how much space your business needs.

Why Cresa?

How Cresa as an occupier-exclusive real estate firm helps you achieve your bottom line.

We Believe Occupiers Deserve Better.

Tenants do not have a level playing field in their relations with landlords. Interests of landlords and tenants are inherently contradictory. Cresa provides unbiased objective client representation, which means:

Conflict-free Representation

It means we have only your interests in mind. Why? We only act for occupiers, like you – not landlords ensuring the most advantageous terms possible for our clients. Our time solely dedicate to occupiers, and we deliver straightforward, unbiased advice throughout the real estate process.​

Our Commitment

We’re committed to being the industry’s best through integrity, mastery and courage. We’ll do the right thing for our clients at the highest level of knowledge and service – and we won’t stop until your business is set for success.​

Think Beyond Space

Your success is what drives us at Cresa. We’ve built the world’s largest occupier representation company by understanding your business and providing comprehensive advice. We pride ourselves in delivering a consultative approach and standing shoulder to shoulder in partnership with our clients.​

Did you know...

Millions of commercial square feet are represented on the l andlords' behalf  nationally.


Cresa never does business on behalf of the landlord.

We bring a new and differentiated concept to the real estate advisory arena in Ottawa with a focus on representing occupiers.

We run a business with no risk of conflicts of interest. 

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Cresa is the world’s largest occupier-only commercial real estate firm. We think of real estate as a business tool - one that goes beyond operational need to help drive profitability, enhance your image and attract top talent.

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