Bringing the best value to occupiers with unbiased conflict-free advice. 

At Cresa we provide customized real estate solutions that align with your long-term business goals. We never serve landlords or developers so you can rest assured we’re always acting with your best interests in mind. With an integrated service offering, we have the capabilities required to help you achieve your bottom line.

Millions of commercial square feet are represented on the 'landlords' behalf nationally.

Cresa never does business on behalf of the landlord. We stand behind an occupier-only commercial real estate model. Solely representing occupiers provides us with the following strategic advantages:

- No contractual obligations with landlords

- Freedom to negotiate more aggressively

- Time solely dedicated to occupiers

- Unbiased objective client representation

- Consistent cost savings to our clients


Commercial Lease Checklist 
27 Things To Consider 

Office lease coming to an end? Download this checklist to get a comprehensive understanding of your current lease. Starting 6 months to a year prior ensures that you have enough time to make informed decisions.

 We take your   business further  
Our Services

We focus not just on the transaction, but on the business needs behind it. We take a fully integrated approach, first to determine what those needs are, then to figuring out how to meet them, and finally to implementing a solution.

 Cresa is in 
 your corner  

There's opportunity at every corner. We exist to help occupiers uncover and activate those opportunities, so you always benefit from the best possible real estate outcome.

We’re proud to work together to enhance the quality of life for our clients

and employees. Because at the end of the day, people are at the core of

everything we do and we use real estate to help them achieve a happier and

more engaged mindset and experience.



D: 613.688.7200

130 Slater Street, Suite 1000

Ottawa, ON K1P 6E2

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